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You just don’t forget…

Britain is going through a resurgence of cycling, thanks to our justified heroes and heroines of the past few years. My own interest in cycling picked up a few weeks ago, not from road-cycling but mountain-biking. For several years I’ve had Dawes ‘mountain-bike’; rigid and not dedicated. After doing some road cycling on hybrid tyres […]

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What’s In A Name?

If you have children, or are planning on having some, then the ubiquitous soft toys all need naming. This process may seem completely normal or perhaps bizarre to outsiders, but to those who choose the names they are invariably of a personal nature, and maybe with a deeper meaning. So allow me introduce you to […]

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Flowing Ink

With so many means of virtual communication, I still find it a real pleasure to pick up a pen and write, in particular with a fountain pen. The market for writing (on paper as opposed to on screen) has a bewildering array of instruments; from throw-away ball-points to pens costing more than a used car. […]

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